High Peak Traditional Style

The High Peak Traditional Style is a state of the art membrane structure

These dramatic tents are carefully shaped to defy the elements. Their smooth, regal curves actually resist the wind and the weather with a special aerodynamic design. Strong, clean lines give all indication that this is no ordinary occasion under any kind of ordinary tent. These tents are peaked with artistic curves and are currently available in widths of: 40m.

Guidelines to work on when calculating your space requirements:

  • Seated theatre style including gangways = 6sq ft (0.56m2) per person.
  • Reception / drinks standing = 7.5sq ft (0.70m2) per person
  • Seated for dining at long tables = 10sq ft – 12.5sq ft (0.92m2 – 1.16m2) per person.
  • Seating for dining at round tables = 13sq ft – 15sq ft (1.21m2 – 1.39m2) per person.
  • Additional space is required for dance floors, stage areas and reception areas.

High Peak Traditional Style Gallery

Below is a small selection of our High Peak Traditional Style photographs,
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