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Much has changed over the years since George Mudford & Sons Ltd was founded in 1832, but one principle has remained constant: to provide a quality service and product, resulting in the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Mudfords started out selling a wide range of products from copper snares and purse nets to coffin webbing. Hemp ropes, sacking, tents, canvas, and sheep netting were all manufactured on the premises. This mini-industrial establishment had its own looms, three-storey warehouse and a workshop along with the locally famous 100-yard-long rope walk, long demolished.

Thomas Moss, who sold out in 1849, set up the original shop. At the time, John Mudford (a sacking manufacturer from Sheffield) and his partner, John Cowper Mee, paid £165 for the old site, followed by another £100 to buy more land to erect the rope walk.

As the twentieth century dawned, George Mudford & Sons Ltd moved with the times and established itself by supplying marquees for virtually every conceivable function, including many attended by royalty.

John Mudford’s grandson George took over at the beginning of the last century, paving the way for Michael and Joan Mudford to greatly expand the business during the 60s, 70s and 80s, leaving everything in great shape for the current generation.

Now in the 21st century, George Mudford & Sons Ltd is one of the most well established names in the marquee industry. We are committed to maintaining our reputation for evolving with the times whilst retaining traditional values of quality and service.

Mudfords continually research the market so we understand the trends and develop our products accordingly. Whether it’s state of the art lighting, luxurious interior draping or a brand new marquee, Mudfords frequently invest in the latest stock.


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