Modular Marquees

Pergola Pavilion expandable marquee system

Pergola Pavilions provide ultimate flexibility combined with stylish aesthetics. Each 6mx 6m component is a stand alone tent that can be attached on all sides to create infinitely variable, innovatively shaped, marquee configurations.

Pergola Pavilions are the popular choice for country fairs, trade shows and outdoor exhibitions. Their bold design and sweeping lines create immediate interest in, and appeal for, the product, service, event or catering outlet accommodated within.

Each module is six metres square and can be hired from Mudfords in any quantity from one to eighty. Easy to install using simple connections and roof guttering, your marquee can be any square-based shape such as crosses, T, L or plain rectangular, up to 2880 square metres in area. Adding a side service area to a standard marquee shape is a popular option.

Reminiscent of jousting tents of old, the steep pitched, sweeping roofs of Pergola Pavilions are easy on the eye but robust and resilient in strong winds. Optional side panels or windows can be provided for the sides, and all textiles used in manufacture are weather-proof and flame retardant materials that exceed all public safety regulations.

Download the Modular Marquees Leaflet