Frame Marquees

Flexibility and weather resistance

Frame marquees have no central poles so the clear space inside gives an uninterrupted space. They provide a number of other benefits where the ground or area available is unsuitable for traditional marquees or where a direct extension to a room or hall is required.

  • Frame marquees can be secured to the ground with bolts or weights and so can be erected on hard surfaces where steel pegs cannot be used.
  • No guy ropes are necessary, so a frame marquee makes optimum use of space in areas such as town gardens.
  • Frame marquees have great stability so are particularly appropriate for winter events where strong winds and potential snow loading maybe a factor.

Aluminium frame marquees are availabe in 3m, 6m, 7.5m, 9m, 12.5m, 15m and 20m widths and increase in length in 3m or 5m sections.

'Chinese Hat' pointed frame marquees are available in 5m x 5m tents, that can be linked together. 

Guidelines to work on when calculating your space requirements:

  • Seated theatre style including gangways = 6sq ft (0.56m2) per person.
  • Reception / drinks standing = 7.5sq ft (0.70m2) per person
  • Seated for dining at long tables = 10sq ft - 12.5sq ft (0.92m2 - 1.16m2) per person.
  • Seating for dining at round tables = 13sq ft - 15sq ft (1.21m2 - 1.39m2) per person.
  • Additional space is required for dance floors, stage areas and reception areas.